#1 Go Brunette! 
Go from mousy brown to rich brown in the privacy of your own shower. Take a bottle of shampoo, squeeze out half, then fill the remaining space with cocoa, and, finally, shake vigorously. Shampoo as you routinely do and admire your rich hues. Your friends will definitely give two thumbs up to your new 'do!
#2 Lemons For Blondies!
Want that just-vacationed-in-the-Caribbean-ehmigawd-lucky-me look? Take one cup’s worth of lemon juice and combine with a ¼ cup of warm water then spritz the mixture all over your hair. Sit out in the sun for an hour and repeat as often as you can. Lemon juice is quite acidic – be sure to condition your hair immediately afterwards.
#3 Super Simple Homemade Bronzer
This one is so simple that you may feel skeptical, but it’s awesome! Simply combine ground cinnamon and nutmeg with cocoa powder and cornstarch. You may notice that there are no measurements, and this is because it is entirely up to you and your desired color. Play around before you settle on the ratio perfect for your skin. Before you gift it to a girlfriend, remember to consider her skin tone and make necessary adjustments.
#4 Homemade Solid Perfume
Solid perfume is awesome, no question about it. Make your own with equal parts beeswax and carrier oil (we recommend two teaspoons of each) and essential oil. Melt the beeswax and carrier oil together then add essential oil until you get the scent you desire. For a stronger scent, try a sweet almond carrier oil; for a lighter scent, stick with a nice olive one.
#5 Homemade Floral Perfume
Select your favorite flowers and collect their petals (about 1 ½ cups worth) then rinse away any nastiness and soak them for a few minutes. Now, take your lovely petals and set them in a cheesecloth-lined bowl, then add two cups of water, cover, and let them sit overnight. Next, grab the corners of the cheesecloth and carefully carry the petals to a saucepan. Simmer and let cool. Once it's cold you'll have a lovely Spring/Summer perfume!
#6 Face Off: Blueberry Face Mask 
Your favorite summertime lunch can now be worn on your face to repair and exfoliate your skin. Mash up ten blueberries and combine with one tablespoon of Greek yogurt then apply to your face. Sit still for 20 minutes to soak in the antioxidants then rinse off with warm water. Admire your new skin with the fervor of Narcissus and take on the day!
#7 Homemade Nail Strengthener
Get ready for the smelliest beauty remedy on the list! Take a bottle of clear nail polish and add one, finely crushed, clove of garlic. Let this bizarre mixture sit for at least a week, and then apply it for tough as nails fingernails. We recommend applying it as a base coat once a week (make sure to remove it before applying more) to increase your nail power.
#8 Homemade Cuticle Cream
Ughh, do your nail beds suck? Make them handshake ready by combining an entire tube of Aquaphor Healing Ointment (made by Eucerin) with one teaspoon of olive oil and ½ a cup of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients together until they resemble a blended cream (yes, this may take awhile) and store in a pretty jar. Take a dab and apply them to your cuticles whenever they need some extra love. 
#9 Face Off: Oatmeal Face Mask
Yum, breakfast for your face! Mix 1/4 cup of ground oatmeal (yes, we definitely recommend tossing this in a food processor first) with 1/4 cup of warm water and two teaspoons of honey. Resist the urge to eat this, and instead spread it over your face and sit still for fifteen minutes. Now you can rinse away with warm water and enjoy the freshness of your skin.
#10 Quick Fix: Teeth Whitener
 You are leaving for a big interview in five minutes – quick, how white are your teeth? For an extra dose of confidence, sprinkle baking soda on your toothpaste covered toothbrush and brush away. Now, this mixture will taste absolutely disgusting but it will help. Rinse out with warm water and be on your way!
#11 Quick Fix: Oily Face
If you notice your friends using your face as a mirror, you may want to reduce some shine. Excuse yourself to the restroom and blot your face with a toilet seat cover. To be less wasteful, wait until nature calls and rip out that middle section. What is that part for, anyway?
#12 Quick Fix: Stained Teeth
Love that vino rosso, but hate the stain it leaves? Excuse yourself from your table, head to the restroom and seek out a paper towel. Take the paper towel and rub it on your teeth to reduce the icky stains that our favorite liquid can leave. Rinse out your mouth with water then head back to your table and flash those pearly whites with pride!
#13 Coffee Grounds Use #1: Exfoliant 
For a natural, more gentle, exfoliant, reach into your coffee maker (or stalk your local Starbucks, but you didn’t hear that from us) and get ready to awaken your skin. Start with a handful, but feel free to add or subtract depending on your needs. Massage your skin in the shower and release the awesome glow you knew you had. Remember to follow up with your favorite lotion to lock in moisture.
#14 Coffee Grounds Use #2: Dye Up
Brew extra coffee tomorrow morning and darken your hair. Let the coffee cool then rinse your hair with it in the shower repeatedly. Once you finish the coffee, shampoo and condition as you routinely do. This will not be a dramatic dark, but it will be apparent if you apply the coffee routinely.
#15 Coffee Grounds Use #3: Stripping Build-Up 
Banish build-up with your favorite morning beverage. When your hair starts looking less Taylor Swift and more Taylor Momsen, save some coffee grounds and get ready to scrub away. Work the grounds in your hair (try to resist the urge to inhale their yummy scent too much) then rinse thoroughly. Now your hair will be just as perky as you are! Blondes, you usually have more fun, but this time you may want to avoid the party – the coffee grounds may darker certain lighter hair types.
#16 Men’s Aftershave: Cucumber 
 Now men, here is a simpler aftershave recipe. Blend half of a cucumber until the mixture is liquefied, then add ¼ cup of mint extract. Strain this mixture, then add ½ cup of water and prepare to microwave for about five minutes. Be sure to stir and check in frequently, as some microwaves are infamously treacherous. Let this cooling mixture sit for ten minutes prior to using, then get ready to feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.
#17 Men’s Aftershave: Bay Rum 
Thanks for sticking around gentlemen – we certainly have a treat for you! Combine four ounces of vodka, two tablespoons of Jamaican Rum, ¼ teaspoon of allspice, a dab of orange zest, one crushed cinnamon stick and two dried bay leaves (specifically, Pimenta racemosa) then let it sit in a tightly fitting jar for two weeks. Almost done! Now, pour this mixture through coffee filters until no residue remains and transfer it to an awesome bottle for storage. This delicious scent will leave you fighting off more ladies than an Axe ad.
#18 Face Off: Honey Face Mask 
 Have you ever noticed how smooth that little Honey Nut Cheerios bee’s face is? Maybe that’s because honey is a killer acne defense (or because bees don’t get acne, whatever). Spread a spoonful of honey on clean skin and lie still for 20 minutes. Wash off the stickiness with warm water and repeat the process weekly. Honey is, surprisingly, a natural bacteria fighter and moisturizer, so your acne won’t stand a chance!
#19 None of Your Beeswax, Burt! Lip Balm 
Create your own beeswax lip balm in a few simple steps. First, melt three teaspoons of beeswax and combine with one teaspoon of jojoba oil. After this, add ten drops of lemon essential oil and pour into a lip balm pot. Now, just let the mixture harden and your soft lips will make even Burt jealous!
#20 Beet Your Lip Stain 
Juice one large beet, color of your choice, then add two drops of lemon juice to preserve the color. Apply this with your finger, and get ready to rock the streets with your pretty pout!

Beets are gorgeous – if vegetables were people, beets would be Olivia Wilde. Harness their rich beautiful colors in your own lip stain to wow your friends. Before beginning remember this: beets stain everything. Be careful.
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