DIY Beauty: 20 Things You Can Make at Home DIY Beauty: 20 Things You Can Make at Home

#1 Go Brunette!  Go from mousy brown to rich brown in the privacy of your own shower. Take a bottle of shampoo, squeeze out half, then fill...

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7:54 AM

Dramatic Glitter Makeup Dramatic Glitter Makeup

# 1 The whimsical white swan with a burst of red. Don't forget the stones!     # 2 Have a little fun with th...

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7:47 PM

Beautiful Goth Makeup Beautiful Goth Makeup

# 1 Gothier Than Thou Wow, she's unnervingly beautiful in true goth fashion and the saran wrap dress completes the look! This i...

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7:43 PM

Crazy Make-up Art Crazy Make-up Art

# 1 A Transhuman World We exist in a Transhuman world with our reliance on machine and powered energy. There's no better expressi...

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7:40 PM