Alejandro Chabán, born August 20, 1981 in Maturín, Venezuela, is a Venezuelan actor who has performed in both English- and Spanish-language productions.
Chaban made his TV debut in 2001 in minor parts in the drama series "Viva la Pepa" and "A calzón quitao." In the following year, he landed the role of Daniel Viloria Ruiz Montero in "Engañada."

In 2003, Chaban made his movie debut in a leading role in Franco de Pena's award-winning film "Amor en concreto." His performance in the film as a rebellious son who discovers the seamy street life of the drag queens after being disowned by a conservative father won him the "Golden Egret" as Best Actor in 2004.
Ever since then things unfold rapidly for the young actor. He appeared in several top rating TV series and acclaimed films, including "Prisionera," "Decisiones," "12 Miles of Bad Road," "The Perfect Game," and "Reservations". His English credits include "The Notorious Bettie Page" and a guest starring role on "Monk".

Besides having a great talent for acting, Chaban has a wonderful body that he maintains -- combining the gym and dancing salsa with practicing the sports that he loves: kickboxing and swimming.