#1 Gothier Than Thou
Wow, she's unnervingly beautiful in true goth fashion and the saran wrap dress completes the look! This is when fun makeup experimentation comes into play. Yes, goths can have fun! Play around with colors, tones and textures to get the makeup effect you want. Don't be afraid to be daring, or to change it up!
#10 Gothic Lolita
This look often emulates a Victorian doll with feminine and elegant dress. Influenced by Japanese Harajuku styling, it's "girly", but different in that it goes further in subverting what is traditionally "sweet". Goth Lolita often appears mime or clown-like with extra pale skin foundation, punctuated with heavy eye and lip makeup. Did you notice, Goth Lolita so far is the only gal with eye-brows.. albeit fantastically extreme?!