Adam Phebus, born in 1986, in Michigan, is an American model.
At the age of 19, Phebus moved to LA in search of himself. In this search, he found a love for the entertainment industry and modeling.

One of his early assignments was for Abercrombie. He has since modeled for Abercrombie for a number of years, and had appeared in many other campaigns such as "Internation Jock", "Target", "JC Penney", "American Crew", "K Swiss", and "Guess". In addition, Phebus has graced the covers many magazines including "DNA", "UT", "Tetu", "17", and "Instinct".
People who's worked with him described him as very friendly, very easy-going guy and is a real pleasure to work with.

"I enjoy being a working model," Phebus said, "but I really want to use modeling as a vehicle to make money and establish a name behind my face while I break into acting and then eventually get into business as well."